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Not the kind you hear when you use a crappy cable, the good kind... we've got it. Click the following links to check out articles and podcasts featuring Ryan Worsley and Echoplant Recording Studios. 

Juno Worthy Workflows: In Conversation with Ryan Worsley

Ryan spoke with Michael Raine of Professional Sound Magazine about the stories behind the songs that earned him a 2020 Juno nomination for Engineer of the Year.

Ryan and Alana have really turned the studio into a beautiful, fun and friendly place. What’s really unique is the echo chamber which brings so much life to a recording!    
     - Devon Forsythe

Working Class Audio Podcast

with Matt Boudreau

An interview Ryan did with Matt Boudreau of the Working Class Audio Podcast where he talks about the importance of having a great team, networking, thinking long-term, the benefits of  having a manager, and the importance of having a supportive spouse.

I have never had a better experience in a recording studio, and I look forward to working with Echoplant for years to come. 
    -Matt Sandy Jr.

5 Things an Artist Should Do Before Heading into the Studio

A blog post Ryan wrote for Breakout West letting artists (and their managers) know what the producer's role is and how to make the most of their time together.

Miking Tips From Echoplant Sound Recording Studios’ Ryan Worsley

An article published in Professional Sound Magazine about some of Ryan's favourite mic techniques.

I have many fond memories of Echoplant studio A & B. It's a space that allows creativity and relaxation at the same time. Ryan has done a good job of maximising the space acoustically while filling it with wonderful instruments and equipment that make recording there exciting and fun. 
                      -Conan Karpinski
Working with Ryan Worlsey and the Echoplant team is a total pleasure at every turn. It’s been by far my favourite studio experience to date! The studios are beautiful & comfortable artistic spaces, and all of the members of the team are true collaborators: hard working, incredibly creative, highly professional, and so welcoming...not to mention, their incredible musicianship, their vision, and how they make your songs come to life. As a young artist and songwriter, I learned so much from the experience of working with Echoplant; every step of the way I felt valued, respected, and supported, and I'm thrilled with how the songs turned out. I feel really lucky to have come across this environment in which such exciting, electric music is being produced! I can not recommend Echoplant and Ryan Worsley highly enough.
                                                                                                                          - Cati Landry
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